Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm 23 already!

 Alhamdulillah! Officially i'm 23 years old! but do i look old? no i'm not. Right? :p 
Here some pictures. Someone treats me like a princess and i'm happy. Thank You Awak :) 

 She's happy!

My breakfast with him at Old Town. White Coffee and Roasted Bread. Yummy!

Steak for lunch at Black Canyon. Dia punya and i selalu sibuk-sibuk nak minta makanan dia as usual. kekeke!

Here! my luncheon. hehe. Teroyaki Chicken with *ok i can't remeber nama makanan ni, but ada perkataan chicken and teroyaki lah* XD

Dan sebelum balik dapat makan Tutti Fruity. Meow. hihi

ps: The happiest girl in the world when i'm with You. For U, Thank You so much much much and more! :) yup! yang penting kek tak ada, sebab yeah, i dont like it nanti lagi double berat naik tau. Dapat kad yang paling menyayatkan hati. I know your heart always with me.
Hadiah hadiah hadiah! keep it as secret >.<

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