Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shhh, secret.

Secrets. When was the last time since you had a secret? and when was the last time you keep a secret of others? I have a lot of secrets, and of other people too.  Loads of them. They always feel like opening up to me. Telling their embarrassing moments, and their precious ones, their first loves, and so their heartbreaks. It’s flattering, I admit, when you are known as a person who can be trusted. And yet I think the reason they keep on telling me their secrets, is that, I don’t talk about people a lot. Because I don’t want them to talk about me too, behind my back. I don’t want that kind of thing. Small people talk about other people, they said. And I don’t want to be a small one, that’s why.
Speaking of secrets, I am good at keeping them. Well, secrets of others, yet I can’t find someone who can keep mine. I feel like exploding. I have a lot in my mind. And also in my heart too, feelings and words bottled up, waiting for someone who can open it.

It’s hard to keep secrets, specially, if not yours. And it’s hard to live a life when you can’t find someone you can rely on and when you are forgetting yourself for the sake of others.