Sunday, January 1, 2012

Guidance for people who need advise for final examination.

1. Clean your place, where you want to study , maybe desk maybe bed that using for study, then clear your mind to concentrate and focus.
2. Put priority first; you are the one who knows which subject you want to learn and the one which you need to study, so make a list, how many days you need to study that and how many chapter.
3. Look up at the final examination paper last semester, that is the secret of what your test may look like. Search the important one from book and lectures.
4. Don’t learn a whole book, make a mind map from your understanding from the book by your own words, and only the important one. Understand the outline, Don’t remember it, but understand and you can developed it in your own mind map  by then ;) (it may take a long time, depends on the subject)
5. Do not read without take some rest. Then take 30 minutes to enjoy yourself. hehe
6. When it goes to final exam, just write down based on our understanding, read the question clearly.  just remember! No blank paper! except you wanna fail.
but if you really want to pass, you just really learn that seriously like it is your favorite game, understand the chapter, make your own final exam and I wish you good luck.
7. Last but not least, have a positive thinking that you will passed all the test with your best score.

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