Monday, June 20, 2011

I respect men who

  • Wash their plates after their meals,
  • fold their clothes rather than throwing them where ever,
  • take their shoes off outside the home and puts them away,
  • respects the efforts of their wives, sisters, mothers who invest time in keeping a well-maintained home.
  • realize that if they can’t help clean up their messes, then they shouldn’t help make them either.
  • realize that their job isn’t restricted to just outside the house.
No I’m not one of those lazy women who expect men to do everything in the name of “equality”. I understand what both genders are designed for but you know, little things can add up and such gestures show appreciation for the women. Yes that one plate may not make much of a difference for your mom to clean up but if everyone in the house did their own plates, imagine the less work load on her at the end of the night. It not only adds to the sunnah but develops healthy homes when people participate with small efforts.

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